Frequently Asked Questions

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If we suspect the presence of any of these conditions, we will document it in the report and recommend further evaluation by a specialist. We do not, however, test surfaces for mold, lead-based paint, asbestos or issue termite clearance letters.

No. Evaluation, pumping, and mapping of septic systems must be done by a licensed septic professional. Click here to search for your property’s septic records.

Due to insurance requirements, we can only offer a full home inspection. So if you’re just wanting someone to look at the foundation we recommend you contact a licensed foundation contractor.

No, builders in this area typically won’t allow it. The local building & codes department will perform inspections at different phases when issuing permits.

No, we recommend hiring a pool company to perform these services.

Text 740-221-7037. Provide your name, address of the property, and your inspection period deadline (if applicable). We will do our best to accommodate.

No, but we ask that you let us know 48 hours prior to the inspection.

We will contact the listing agent to get the lockbox combination. If there are no agents involved in the transaction or the inspection isn’t for the sale of a home, we will need someone to meet us at the house.

A link to the online report will be emailed and sent via text. If you haven’t already signed the pre-inspection agreement or submitted payment, you’ll need to do that to gain access. If you’re buying a home we will share the report with your realtor unless you ask us not to. The seller and listing agent will not receive the report unless you send it to them for negotiating purposes.

Absolutely. The type of financing you’re using doesn’t matter. VA & FHA loans have different appraisal requirements compared to conventional loans but the inspection process is completely separate.

No, we can perform an inspection at any time. This includes builder-warranty inspections, pre-listing inspections, or just because inspections.

Roughly a 50 mile radius around Clarksville, TN. We are only licensed in TN and cannot perform inspections in KY.

On-site inspections can take anywhere between 2.5-4 hours to complete depending on the home’s condition.

It’s your choice but keep in mind inspections are a very detail-oriented process and accompanying the inspector to ask questions along the way could be a distraction. Our goal is to be as thorough as possible and we can do a better job if we discuss our findings with you after you’ve read the report.

Check with your realtor to make sure the date you selected is at least one day before your inspection period deadline; review and sign the pre-inspection agreement that we’ll send you; check to see if the builder has a list of approved home inspectors and whether or not we’re on it (new construction buyers only). Also, feel free to email us with any specific concerns that you have about the house.

Make sure the inspector has access to the attic, electrical panel, water heater, HVAC units, and crawlspace (if present); make sure the utilities are on if you no longer occupy the home; declutter as much as possible; secure or remove any firearms, medication, jewelry, or other valuable items; check to make sure there’s a key in the lockbox. If you’ll be home during the inspection, do NOT tell the inspector about any past issues or repairs that you’ve made or it will be noted in the report. Also, you can expedite the inspection process by opening all window blinds.

No, but there’s inherent risk involved in not getting one and you won’t be able to negotiate repairs with the seller.

Once you’ve received and read the report, we recommend that you discuss it with your agent and reach out to us if you have questions. Unless you waived the right to request repairs in your offer, your realtor can then write up a repair proposal that lists everything you want fixed. This proposal is sent to the listing agent and sellers to review. They might agree to your proposal, send a different proposal, or refuse to make repairs entirely. It’s all negotiable. The original contract will include a time period for you to conduct a final walkthrough at which point you can verify that all repairs have been made.